Cloud-based quantification tools for the evolution of clinical decision making and patient workflow
KIO Medical develops MRI quantitative biomarkers for disease screening and follow-up.

KIO Quantitative Biomarkers

KIO Medical by using BIOQUANT quantification modules combines the company’s innovative technology with a holistic view of patient data (BIOQUANT derived markers) to enable clinicians to make reliable, evidence-based diagnostic and management decisions for their patients.
Discover BIOQUANT; a solution that accelerates radiologist workflow by generating MRI analysis through automating the segmentation process in just a moment!

Quantification Oriented

Fully automated, reliable, reproducible analysis of brain atrophy:

Fully automated, reliable, reproducible analysis of brain white matter hyperintensity:

Fully automated, reliable, reproducible analysis of brain perfusion (DSC, DCE):

Benefits Oriented

Increase sensitivity

Improve collaboration and referrals

Reclaim time

The clinical benefits of KIOGLOBE imaging platform for reporting from visualization to quantification:

Automated analysis

Extract clinically quantitative data from MRI images automatically

Reference curves

Compared quantitative volumes with standard limitations

Standardized reporting

Generates objective meaningful insights from MRI exams

Time saving

Reduce reading time and streamlines radiology workflow

KIO Medical Workflow

Cloud-based computation algorithms to quantify specific feature of brain abnormality in dementia, integrates with PACS, and results can be viewed in browser-based viewer.
Radiologists benefit from enhanced accuracy, results compared to reference curves, access to previous results for longitudinal comparison, automated changes computed within two time points, and finally, reduced time spent per scan.
Neurologist benefits from an online DICOM viewer, fast access to patient history (quantification findings, radiologist report), communication with colleagues in emergency scenarios, and finally, patient data management.

Power your research and clinical data with cloud data management system

Quantification Modules
Medical Images Viewer
Collaborate Globally and Share Data Easily

Automated quantification module for assessment of functional parameters of lesions

Quantification Results
Longitudinal Compare
Structured Report


AI-powered cloud-based solution to data collection, quality control and analysis, letting you focus on what matters most

Develop your own module

Collaboration Networks

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