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KIO is a multi-disciplinary magnetic resonance quantification group established in 2012 at the Research Center for Molecular and Cellular Imaging (RCMCI). KIO group gathers researchers, medical engineers, physicians and neuroscientists who share a common concern in utilizing and developing novel imaging and computational technologies to provide a framework for accurate diagnosis of human diseases and monitoring the anatomical and physiological changes resulting from pathologies or in response to the planned treatment. We focused on three areas: innovation and engineering to launch study results into clinics, research, and development to develop new and effective clinical markers and training for physicians and radiology technologists to improve their MRI Biomarkers sciences.


KIO Company with several years’ history of research and education in innovation and development of advance MRI quantification methods is horned to provide medical community with its diagnosis support tools services in order to enhance MRI clinical analysis quality to help clinical teams for disease prediction, plan suitable treatments based on patient’s conditions and monitor their prescribed treatments.


The KIO group provides services such as planning clinical and applied science research for clinical teams and centers, education, and professional consultation.

Extract meaningful biomarkers from MRI imaging modalities in the precision medicine

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