Remember spending 4 hours on YouTube, watching one cat video after another?

This happened because of YouTube’s intelligent use of related videos. Now Elementor users can recreate the same experience and keep visitors engaged for much longer, using Related Posts.

The Related Posts option lets you include and exclude the shown results according to the current author or the current term. Relating terms means the chosen posts will be picked according to a related category, tag or other taxonomy. You can also mix several rules to get a sophisticated filter going.

Related posts are not just for featuring blog posts. If you have a site showing listings, you can use related posts to show more listings on a single listing page, increasing the time your visitors spend on your site. With this feature update, Elementor gives you the option to display related posts without having to use another plugin or custom code.

Here’s a pro tip: Use Elementor’s Popup Builder to add a slide in popup that arrives after readers reach 80% of the article to offer them other related posts on a similar topic (Watch tutorial).

Related Posts Fallback

For those cases where you don’t have related posts, we added a fallback option which will display either manually selected posts or recent posts. This way, you never leave your readers without a recommendation.

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